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What's in your bag?

The Beginners Beach Bag Recommendations for a Day of Fun in the Sun.

It’s that time of year again – our area beaches are thriving with locals and vacationers alike. Towels are spread and umbrellas are up. Sunscreen has been slathered and beach bags are overflowing with all the things necessary to make a day at the beach enjoyable. Or are they?

A fun, sun-filled full day in the sand can be a memorable way to spend your vacation as long as you are properly prepared. Here are a few things we recommend packing in your beach bag for the day:


A good, large beach towel goes a long way. From sitting on to drying off, a nice plush towel can make or break a day at the beach. And, they don’t have to be expensive. Most local supermarkets carry quality towels at a decent price. At Sea Scape Properties, we supply all our homes with plenty of clean, colorful beach towels for guests to enjoy as well as other fantastic amenities.


You may not think the short jaunt to the beach warrants covering summer feet, but the sand is hot! The few yards of soft sand that stands between you and your waters-edge post has been baking in the sun and can easily burn the bottoms of feet, so clad those dawgs with some coverage.


And not the sunscreen from last year - buy new and buy several from 15 to 30 SPF. Face and body sunscreens are different, so make sure you find one that fits your needs. Vacationing in Wrightsville Beach guarantees you some beautiful sunny beach weather, best to be prepared. Lathering up 30 minutes before hitting the sand will help ensure pleasurable tanning and not lobster burning. Don’t forget a spray for wiggly, wet kids.

Beach Chairs:

Really any kind will do because sandy bottoms can ruin a day at the beach. Back pack chairs are great for leaving arms open to carry other miscellaneous items. Warning: if fellow beachgoers say they don’t want one, bring them one anyways or you may find you’ve lost your seat after moving your feet. Sea Scape provides not only chairs for guest use, but at most homes, beach buggies as well.

The Cooler:

The infamous box of snacks and drinks packed to sustain energy needed for the day. Ok, it doesn’t fit in your beach bag, but a well packed cooler is essential for an enjoyable day at the beach. Pack lots of fluids – water and Gatorade are excellent choices. Sugary drinks like sodas and juices don’t give your body the hydration or electrolytes needed to spend a day in the summer sun. Snacks should be light, easily packed and accessible. Be sure to wrap or Tupperware any snacks that are better crunchy than soggy.

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